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“SCENTSATIONS” OF THE SOUTHWEST—A Journey of Health and Wellness

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit as you and your guests experience the cultures, flavors, aromas and medicinal properties of the Sonoran Desert. This relaxing and sensual gala offers a variety of indigenous and interactive areas/tables that focus on using the resources of the southwest to better one’s life.

Janet Taylor, the author of The Healthy Southwest Table

The Healthy Southwest Table is the brainchild of Janet E. Taylor, who set out to make her family’s favorite foods healthier by increasing the fruit and vegetable contents of conventional recipes. She also discovered that a healthy diet strengthens the mind, body, and soul of the individual, which in turn strengthens the well-being of the family as a whole. Her book isn’t only a cookbook, but a nutrition guide as well. She's written a truly crusading book, with 25 pages of informative and attractive collection of recipes that will be of great use to people who like to cook, like the flavors of Mexico and are concerned about their health.

Hashani Spa Scrub Making

For centuries, the people who have called the Tucson Mountains home have found healing in the sights, sounds and scents of the lush Sonoran Desert. Inspired by these healing properties and named for the revered Saguaro cactus, called the Hashani by the indigenous people of the region, Hashani Spa offers treatments that combine the latest beauty and health technology with ancient healing techniques and traditions in a luxurious, pampering environment.

Native American Meditation with Tony Redhouse

Tony Redhouse, Navajo, is one of the few Native American entertainers today, who has successfully bridged the gap between cultures, social groups, races and ages. Tony has founded his own style of yoga, Native American Yoga, along with new spiritual interactive workshops, talking circles and meditative music. Tony Redhouse brings healing in the form of dance, storytelling, music and motivational speaking. He has created musical CDs and is a Grammy nominated artist. Tony will offer a personal, positive, thought provoking and even magical as he guides you on a meditative journey using three ancient forms of expression for Native Americans - flute, chant and drum.

All Guests will receive:

The Healthy Southwest Table cookbook, signed by the author

Personally created sugar scrub

Custom made Sonoran desert hydrosol (body spray)

Soul Blessings CD, performed by Tony Redhouse