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One of our Starr Pass Chefs will lead the competition explaining rules and unveiling the mystery BBQ Meats. Teams have one hour to prepare 3 dishes using the meats provided. These may include smoked sausage, brisket, pork shoulder, and smoked bacon. Cooking stations will be available for teams to cook and teams will have a representative from the Starr Pass culinary team to assist. Pantry stations will also be available to cooks so that they may create their favorite dish using the BBQ meats. Our BBQ smoker and grills will also be available for use. VIP judges may be chosen from the group to judge teams’ entries. Food prepared as part of the event will only be a sampling and should not be considered a full meal.

**Additional attendant fees apply for groups over 60 participants

* Note: Activity will provide enough food for sampling, but does not provide a full meal

Additional Enhancements:

Bottle of homemade BBQ Sauce

Beer Bar Billed on Consumption

Bib-style aprons (10-12 different colors)

For customized logo, silk screen or embroidery charges will apply

Shipping charges applicable amount to TBD

**Aprons must be ordered two weeks in advance to ensure timely shipping***