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This event is one of fun, excitement, competition, surprise and reward! Having been divided into predetermined teams your guests will be picked up on the resort drive by open-air jeeps. Loading into the jeeps, each team leader (Captain) will be given a rally packet to help them through their journey into the desert. During the approximate 30-minute drive to the rally site, they will be able to review their mission and gather information from their "very neutral" driver. Once they reach the rally starting line, participants will be given final instructions and set off on this fun and often remarkable journey.

As teams driver through the desert trail and continue to answer trivia they will learn about the great Sonoran Desert including the flora, fauna, geology, and the Indians that inhabited the area. They will stop in designated locations throughout the trail for some fun team building activities. Some of the activities could include: “shooting the bull”; testing their archery skills, throwing some real horseshoes; “they can’t get out of the jeep on this one”, and testing their roping skills on “Babe the Blue Ox”.

They will end their adventure at a real inhabited area of long-ago Indians. This area on the trail has authentic Indian petroglyphs, and a huge granite outcrop with a view of the Rincon Valley. After learning about Indian rock drawings, they will be asked to draw some of their own and then turn in their packets to the trail boss. There’ll also be a live demonstration of desert critters “for those not faint of heart” to handle. Physical activities include archery, horseshoes, steer roping, smart shot, strong box and more. This activity requires 4 hours.

* Note: 120 person maximum

Additional Enhancement Experience:
• Scavenger hunt and buried treasure activity options can be added additionally
• Team Hats (cowboy or caps) and/ or tee shirts bearing team names.
• Bandanas in a variety of colors
• Prizes ~ award prizes to remind them of fun, cactus and the Sonoran Desert