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This is it. The moment you've been waiting for. Your biggest competitor has just left this meeting room from a brain storming session. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for you they left their idea in the room. Find their idea and beat them to the market. You've got 60 minutes to figure out what that idea is and keep your edge over your competitors. Game on!!!

Team Building with Escape Room Tucson is a fun and creative way to bond and enhance your skills.

COMMUNICATION- Share what you find with others.

LISTENING- Open your mind to other possibilities.

LEAD- Make decisions and Delegate.

STRATEGIZE- Plans and prioritize.

TEAMWORK- Cooperate and collaborate.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX- Analyze and be creative.

POSITIVE THINKING- Believe in your team and never give up.

* Team consists of 5-8 participants each

Multiple teams can compete against each other. Space must be reserved through Event Manager.