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Select different inflatables to build a fun and physical team building activity, where groups compete against each other in a variety of contests of strength and agility. Your group will test their strength, speed, knowledge and skills as they develop their team identity and then compete against their opponents in a variety of physically demanding challenges.

* Gladiator Joust - Contestants stand on a small platform and try to knock their

opponent off with a large, padded jousting pole. The contestant who falls, lands on the inflated base.

* Obstacle Course - This inflatable course will test competitor’s skills against giant walls, tunnel tubes and more.

* Velcro Wall - While wearing a suit made of Velcro, gladiators will leap onto the

incredible, fully inflatable Velcro wall in an attempt to stick! Points are awarded based on form, style and originality.

* Bungee Run - Harnessed to a long length of bungee cord, contestants sprint down the runway, until the laws of physics take over and the bungee zaps, drags and bounces them back to start. The winner is decided by the one who places the wand the farthest along the wall.

* Sumo Wrestling – Contestants are dressed in sumo suits & helmets & push, lift and pull their opponents outside of the challenge mat.

* Delivery: TBD, depending on selected inflatables

This team building event is like no other. It is fast paced, exciting, visually interesting and action oriented! Pick your favorite inflatables and create a customized package.

*Closed toed shoes required.

* Please note that there are space / dimension requirements for each activity

Additional Enhancement:

* Human Sphere Race, Human Foosball, Dunk Tank, or Moonball for an additional charge

* Snow Cone Machine, Popcorn or Cotton Candy Machines for an additional charge