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Beads, with a feel of the Southwest, will be selected for the participants to design their own bracelets. Guidance will be given to them on design, balance and how the bracelet will fall from the wrist. Stories about the gemstones and their meanings will be told during the presentation.

There will be an introduction which will share information about American Turquoise, the history of Turquoise, lore associated with Turquoise and a guide to determine the value of Turquoise based on color, hardness, stabilized or unstabalized, scarcity, matrix, and alteration of color.

Jewelry Description

Turquoise from different parts of the world or turquoise from our Arizona mines punctuated with semi precious stones and fine or sterling silver findings will be the foundation for each of our artistic jewelry expressions. The artistry of each bracelet will be on display for all participants. After choosing a design participants, will be given all items needed, i.e. beads, silver charms, semi precious stones, turquoise and findings to create their bracelet. Bracelet with fine silver or sterling charm. Guidance will be given to the participants on design and balance. Participants create one bracelet patterned after samples or create their own from available semi-precious stones and silver. There will be one instructor per 12 participants. Activity requires 3 hours.

* Bracelets can be upgraded with different stones for an additional fee