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Kept secret since its discovery in 1974, Kartchner Caverns, 12 miles south of Benson, Arizona, was announced to the world in 1988. Still virtually pristine, this massive limestone cave has 13,000 feet of passages and two rooms as long as football fields. Finally opened as a state park November 12, 1999, this underground wilderness will remain protected while offering visitors a rare tour through multi-colored cave formations. The temperature inside the caverns averages 72°F year round, with the humidity at 99%.

This tour is approximately 6 hours and is inclusive of round trip transportation, admissions where applicable, bottled water on board, and a JW Marriott Starr Pass Destination Services Guide throughout. This tour is a rain or shine event.

* Lunch: Boxed Lunches available through Event Manager


* Lunch at Bat Cave Café

* 25% facilitation fee will be added to lunch meal when applied to the master bill

* Note: Tickets for this venue are sold out at times months in advance. Tour is pending availability until contract is signed. Cave tours depart every twenty minutes with a maximum of 20 guests per tour.

* No items (bags, purses, packs, bottled water, etc.) are allowed into the cave while on tour.