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Teams are pre-designated and the fun begins! Each team will have thirty minutes to begin their strategies and start the creative energy flowing. Each team’s director will assist in the planning of their mission.

Each team creates a video skit or advertisement of generally under 6 minutes. Teams are provided rough scripts of situations based on a familiar films or game shows – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly; The OK Corral; McClintock, etc.

The filming sessions for each team are set up in various locations / at various backdrops around the resort, complete with a video crew, equipment, costumes, props, backgrounds and cue cards. Participants will be assistants to help dress and create characters out of the players, as well as a director to keep things moving. Each team is encouraged to bring as much ad-libbed creativity as possible. Edited into one “Grand Masterpiece”, the movie premiere will be presented the following day at either your breakfast / lunch event.

Video production will include video crews with audio pickup and video cameras capable of recording multiple “takes” of the same skit, and selecting the best for replay a few hours later. Minor editing on each tape to include a pre-recorded open and close customized to each groups’ skit. Background music may be included if time allows. This activity requires 3-4 hours.

 ** Also available on-site