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Explore aviation history at Pima Air & Space Museum, home of the largest privately owned collection of historical aircraft in the country. From a full-scale model of the Wright Bros.' 1903 Wright Flyer, to a mock-up of the world's fastest aircraft, the X-15, this museum is sure to interest everyone. More than 200 military and civilian aircraft are here on display, along with engines, flight simulators, uniforms and other aviation memorabilia. You can step right into the restored Douglas DC-6, used by both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson during their terms of office. All of the aircrafts are significant from both an engineering and historical perspective.

By 1978 all Titan II complexes had been taken off alert. All were dismantled and destroyed except for 571-7, which is now leased from the U.S. Air Force for use as the Titan Missile Site. The tour takes approximately one hour and descends 55 steps to almost 35 feet underground. The actual depth of the silo is 146 feet. You will visit the control center where combat crews performed their daily duties….waiting for the launch orders that, thankfully, never came! Above ground you will be able to view the 430,000-pound thrust first stage rocket engine that would have propelled the 330,000-pound missile to an altitude of 250,000 feet in just 2.5 minutes!

This tour is approximately 6 hours and is inclusive of round trip transportation, admissions where applicable, bottled water on board, and a JW Marriott Starr Pass Destination Services Guide throughout. This tour is a rain or shine event.

*Lunch available at Flight Grill—price range $10.00-$16.00 per person ++

*25% facilitation fee will be added to lunch meal when applied to the master bill

* Note: Maximum of 25 guests for private guided tour at Titan Missile

Additional Enhancement Experience:

“Beyond the Blast Door” (Based on availability) is a 90-minute tour where you will explore areas of the missile site, which is normally closed to the public. See where the crews ate and slept and then descend more than 100 feet underground and enter the launch duct. You will stand directly beneath an actual Titan II missile! It also includes a visit to the underground launch control center where you will experience a simulated launch of the missile.  (Maximum of 20 guests)