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Competing in the world of a culinary carnival is a great team building activity! Each team is given the same basic chili recipe. In the center of the dining location are additional ingredients that may be used to enhance the team’s culinary concoction. The teams are given approximately 1 hour to perfect their entry. Each team also creates a name for their chili entry and performs a team cheer for their peers. Next, Chuck the Chili Pepper begins the taste test to find the winning team. Each station includes propane burners, soup kettles, large spoons, stock pots, disposable apron, gloves, and utensils. The activity requires 2 hours and it includes Chuck the Chili Pepper DJ and music.

**Note: Activity will provide enough food for sampling, but does not provide a full meal

*** Visqueen is required to cover the floor if the activity is hosted inside. Please ask AV for pricing based on your desired location.

Additional Enhancements:

Bib-style aprons (10-12 different colors)

For customized logo, silk screen or embroidery charges will apply

Shipping charges applicable amount to TBD

**Aprons must be ordered two weeks in advance to ensure timely shipping***