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Imagine you are the front line of the battlefield! Your only chance for survival is your marksmanship with your paintball rifle and your strategic planning with the other members of the squad. Semiautomatic guns have gas-operated cocking mechanisms and shoot a ball just by pulling the trigger. There are 3 fields; Small field, speedball field, and the big field. It has spools, barrels, a plane, bunkers, and trenches. There are a lot of places to hide and a lot of places to have a vantage point. The field is big enough for you to get somewhere before you can get shot, and it's big enough to hide and strategize with your team.

This is a rugged urban guerilla environment that lends itself to fast action and there are no time outs! Can you capture the other team’s flag and return to your headquarters? This is a day you will enjoy planning, playing and reminiscing. This activity requires 4 hours and is inclusive of game coordinator, referees, paintball gun, safety mask, colored bandanas for team identification, safety gloves, protective coveralls, paintball supplies, water and energy bars, service coordination, bottled water on board (2 per person), and a JW Marriott Starr Pass Destination Guide/Naturalist (1 guide for every 10 participants) throughout.

* Wear old, loose fitting clothes, boots or tennis shoes. Avoid light or colorful clothing.