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This activity will give your attendees a fun and engaging way to explore and become familiar with the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and its various outlets. Separated into Tribes, guests travel to 6 to 8 different locations within the resort, completing physical and/or mental challenges while also sampling signature beverages along the way.

By direction of the Host, each tribe will receive a Survivor Card which will give a clue to the first Challenge Station. Each tribe will spend 10min at each station. Once arriving at a station there is a brief welcome / intro (1min) from a Starr Pass representative. Next, the tribe will complete a challenge which will be judged by the Starr Pass Rep. After 10min, and not earlier, the Starr Pass rep will give the tribe their next Survivor Card with the clue to the next station (cards provided by Starr Destinations).

After all tribes have completed the Station 8 Challenge, guests will participate in a private Salud Tequila Toast. During this time, judge(s) will tally the scores and determine tribe rankings. Host will announce winning teams. Awards are provided for 3rd, 2nd & 1st place (awards provided by Client).

This activity requires 2 hours and it includes Host, Labor charges, AV Equip, Complimentary Alcoholic Beverages at specific Challenge Stations, participation in our Signature Tequila Toast, Materials and Prizes.