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This challenge creates an opportunity for teamwork, camaraderie, concentration, humor, and creative problem solving. Drawing from the icon of the Southwest’s legendary history (the Tipi), this event will require the teams to work closely together utilizing every member’s talents.

The group will be divided into tribes that must design and create a tee pee with a message using symbols only! Teammates plan together to develop a message and vision that will be represented on a giant tee pee canvas. This canvas will actually become the shell of the tipi as tribes construct their tipi with poles. The teams will also vocalize their vision of harmony in a tribal chant or song they will invent, telling the story in artwork displayed on their tipi. All teams listen as we go from one to the other and develop different insights. We encourage all teams remember the four elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

This activity is approximately 2 hours and is inclusive of poles, canvas and fasteners to erect an authentic 12’ tipi, (6) paint colors, brushes and rubber gloves, stakes, stake hammer, measuring tape, instructions, scoring coordination, and a facilitator.

* Each team consists of 3-12 participants each