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You are in store for the most rompin’, kickin’ good time you’ve ever had with this hands-on cowboy adventure. Company wranglers will team up to compete in the following events. This whole event begins with each team performing a team cheer to get into the spirit of the games!

Your arrival is marked by Hoops and Hollers from your Rodeo Staff. Wranglers are hitched up to each posse (team) to help with the challenge of western athletic fun, and to call “fowl” when you don’t hold up the tradition of the west.

After the opening ceremony, marked by a balloon release, you will start with a team cheer – which is judged for originality and enthusiasm. Then it’s on with the western course events. This activity requires 2 hours and it includes – Announcer with a PA system for play action coverage; Color bandannas to identify each posse; haybales; trophies and ribbons for Winning Posse Members; Special Awards for Last Place Team Members; Props; stock; setup and strike.

Activities may include such as six man ski, road apple toss, three legged barrel race, hobby horse, chicken penning, team penning, hat toss, cow pie throwing, tom-a-hawk throw and many more.

All events & livestock are subject to availability

* Note: Livestock activities require additional cost.

**Off-site foot rodeo also available; transportation and service guide costs may apply.